Remote working/ home working has increased substantially globally. Technology today allows business to collaborate with teams no matter where they are based. The ability to have the same work functionality whether working in an office or remotely is possible with technologies that are easy to integrate into or work with current systems.

The beauty of cloud technology means that technologies to aid with remote working can be set up within a very short period to ensure business continuity and productivity.

Equipment can be configured remotely and despatched to the business address for the client to plug in. Once connected the Biscuit IT support team can complete the set up.

Remote working technologies and support to aid remote working

IT Support

Microsoft Office 365



IT Support

The majority of IT issues can be resolved with the assistance of our technical team based remotely.

Microsoft Office 365

Transform workplace collaboration with Microsoft Office 365. Connect employees to the people, information, and content they need to do their best work, from any device.

The Microsoft Office 365 package provides SharePoint, OneDrive, Office Applications and Microsoft Teams. 

All of these applications allow the user to access files and work remotely.

  • Microsoft Teams - allows users to communicate remotely, instantly chat, share files, and video conference.

  • SharePoint – provides a central file store for company documents

  • OneDrive – provides 1TB of personal user storage space.



Some of your users may require a VPN setting up to allow them to access files and applications remotely on your internal IT network.  This may require some engineering time to set this up and potentially a sufficient router / firewall which allows VPN set up.



Ensure your business anti-virus product is sufficient and in subscription, as users will be working remotely and connecting to your server via VPN.  Users will now be working from outside your business IT infrastructure which is normally protected by your firewall security device and business security products.

Contact us to discuss your remote work business requirements.

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