Cyber Security


The frequency UK businesses are attacked online


Annual predicted global cost of cyber crime in 2021


of cyber attacks 

target small business


of cyber attacks are

due to human error


Percentage of global organizations claiming they are prepared to handle a sophisticated cyber attack

We can offer consultancy and support services around strategic planning and best practice for your peace of mind.

It’s more common than you might imagine for organisations to lack a true understanding of the wide range of data they hold on file and more importantly, of the potential repercussions should they fail to properly protect this data.

Your company should know

  • Who has access to the data you hold on file

  • How the data was created

  • How it is secured

  • How long information will be kept on file

  • How data is disposed of when it is no longer required

Our increasing use of multi-channel technology means that your company’s data may now be accessible across a range of devices from desktop computers and laptops to tablets and mobile phones, not all of which will be accessed on site, as many employees now work from home or have access to their emails, work-related programmes and apps on the go.

Our IT data security services will help your team to gain a full understanding of the data stored by your company, any potential risks to your data’s security and how to mitigate against potential security breaches.

As with all of our services, our approach is bespoke and will be tailored according to the specific needs of your business. Our data compliance solutions may include a combination of:

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Support in developing policies and documentation

  • Support in developing processes to improve data security and compliance

How we can help

Ongoing support

We understand the importance of a long term partnership with an IT support company who have a sound knowledge and understanding of your business. To ensure that our solutions grow and adapt with your business, we will review your hardware and software annually to ensure it is still the best solution to meet your needs and can carry out policy reviews as required.


With a variety of clients across Yorkshire and beyond, Biscuit has the experience and expertise to support your organisation with IT data security and compliance.